At an early age, I found myself to be very curious about how the surfaces of objects around me felt. In art college, I continued to be inspired by texture and began exploring surfaces in nature, and architecture through drawing, painting and photography.

My fascination with texture has continued to evolve to the point of using mixed media
in my paintings. I find that using materials such as cloth, paper, and plaster in my work satisfies my tactile sense and I also hope to stimulate the sense of touch in the viewer.
My current artworks continue to investigate my interest in texture, while signifying how humans travel through their lives. I represent this journey or growth through life by using something I call Travel Lines. We are faced with decisions and changes of direction in a variety of time frames, so I reflect how we move through a day, week, month, or year of our lives by drawing travel lines in plaster. I often layer the travel lines in the work, at times embedding text that is inherent to a human’s growth through life. The idea of layering further shows the history of life or the history of a particular event. These travel line works are evolving into a way of expressing different times of day and different qualities in our lives. For instance, my newest work is exploring the concept of the busy and calm aspects of life. We strive to have calm, or down times in our lives, but the reality is that we juggle being busy with our need to be relaxed. I reflect this meaning in a restful appearing landscape, while still having the travel lines as part of the sky.

The travel line series reflects my desire to explore my personal growth while looking to the way we exist in this world as a source of inspiration.

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